Maintenance follow-up

Leaking tap, problems with the elevator or lights in the hallway? Our task managemer gives you an overview of all necessary maintenance work per building so that you don't lose track of anything.

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Recurring tasks

Every property has tasks that need to be carried out periodically, for example, checking the elevators or general meetings. Organize everything in the task manager, assign tasks to people and get reminders when the due date approaches.

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Report problems easily

Issues with a boiler or a leaking tap? Let tenants report problems quickly with the SNDQ at Home app. They'll describe the problem and add photos, so you can work on a solution.

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Do you want a monthly or annual overview of all maintenance? Our software gives you an overview of all tasks with their status, so you can quickly see what needs improving.

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SNDQ is the cloud platform for private and professional landlords, stewards and syndicators.

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