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Easy renting

As an owner you want to get the most out of your real estate. Save time (and money) with SNDQ's property management software and automate time-consuming tasks, such as calculating indexation and monitoring rent.

Software for landlords

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Report problems easily

Issues with a boiler or a leaking tap? Let tenants report problems quickly with the SNDQ at Home app. They'll describe the problem and add photos, so you can work on a solution.

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Smooth follow-up of rent

Link your bank account to our platform and never worry about payments again. Rent is transferred automatically and with the push of a button you can send tenants reminders for late payments.

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Automatic calculation of indexation

Our smart leases make calculating rent indexation easier than ever before. Do you want to index the rent? Our software calculates the new rent and automatically sends personalized mails to tenants.

SNDQ is the cloud platform for private and professional landlords, stewards and syndicators.

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